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C Melody


We’d like to introduce you to Bubbles’ newest bundle of joy. It’s a 1921 Buescher C Melody saxophone.

C Melody? WTF is that?

A C Melody sax is tuned the same as any “concert pitch” instrument, such as a piano. While an alto – tuned to the key of e-flat, needs to transpose piano music up 1.5 steps, a C Melody can play piano music exactly as it’s written. This also means that when Bubbles is jamming with you guitar players who like to call out chords, she will actually be able to play your chords without doing a bunch of musical math in her head! (Maybe she’ll finally play in tune! Probably not, but maybe!)

Fun history!

Apparently these were manufactured for a short time in the 20’s and 30’s to appeal to home musicians who wanted to play along with the family piano. The average home musician didn’t want to deal with transposing, so it was perfect. When the depression hit, however, average home users couldn’t afford something as non-essential as a saxophone, so they died off. Apparently some New Zealand company has started making them again, but why would anyone want something with so little history?